Grooming Nails
be basic
  • bath
  • brush
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
just be pawdicure
  • paw pad hair trim
  • sanitize pads
  • trim/file nails
  • paw soak and scrub
  • paw oil and massage
be maintained
  • same as above
  • sanitary trim
  • face/paws light trim
be spoiled rotten pawdicure
  • same as above
  • oatmeal cream wrap
  • aromatheraphy salt soak
  • sugar scrub
  • anti-slip lotion
be well groomed
  • same as above
  • full haircut(breed standard or guest request)
nail add-ons
  • be colorful.nail color
  • be creative.nail art
  • be bling-d.application of "bling"
  • be bedazzled.any 2 of the above
be totally pampered
  • same as above
  • anal glands
  • ear plucking
  • nail filing
  • teeth brushing
  • breath freshener
be quick
  • 15 minute makeover (bath not included)
  • face trim
  • top-knot bow
  • quick brush out
  • cologne
  • paw pads clean up
treatments currently available
  • be relieved. seaweed treatment for shoulder, back, and hip stress relief
  • be soothed. aloe vera hot spot and itchy skin relief treatment
  • be squeaky clean.warm orange, nutmeg, and vetiver deep cleansing treatment
  • be a sweetie pie.coconut, vanilla, and honey sugar scrub
  • be tranquil.calming lavender, chamomile, and valerin aromatheraphy treatment
  • be brighter.color rejuvenation treatment
  • be detoxed.seaweed and sea salt treatment